the medicEdit

the medic is a support class in the game team fortress 2 that appears in moments with heavy


heavy goes bowlingEdit

the medic is playing bowling with the scout and knocks only 2 pins which made the medic mad that the scout is mocking him which causes him to throw the ball at the heavy which causes the heavy's finger injury. if the heavy asked the medic he would called him a spy and kill him.

heavy orders a xbox 360Edit

he tries to help the heavy open the box but instead cuts one of his arms off which kills him.

heavy's retarded holidayEdit

makes a cameo at the end along with the rest of the blu team

heavy's christmas feastEdit

he makes a cameo again like in heavy's retarded holiday.


he is the second most appearing character in the blu team (next to the heavy)

he is the second most appearing character in a total of 5