Known for

Holding mighty power in appearance and combat


Blue chrome


The Quest for the Ultimate Sandvich


Blue Heavy


Red Heavy, Spy, Blue Heavy

The Crit-Sandvich is a type of Sandvich that may have debuted in the Team Fortress series, but in the
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series, it debuted in the sixth episode, The Quest for the Ultimate Sandvich. It is known for being a shining blue-chrome color, and holding mighty power in both appearance (whoever eats it becomes blue-chrome as well) and combat.

Known eater(s)Edit

The only known eater of the mighty Crit-Sandvich is Blue Heavy.

Blue Heavy, the only eater (and one of the 3 victims) of the Crit-Sandvich

Known victim(s)Edit

There are only 2 known victims of the sandvich's power. Red Heavy and Spy were attacked under its power, both with the method of the three-hitting punch, only Spy had a worse income, as he was punched into an abyss. The reason Blue Heavy himself is a victim alongside an eater is that he suffered the explosion because the same spy who died had rigged the Crit-Sandvich with C4 that was likely rigged to explode when eaten.

Known owner(s)Edit

The only known owner of the Crit-Sandvich is the Spy, the one who placed the mighty sandvich in the box in the first place. Scout also had the Crit-Sandvich until his front bike wheel wonked out and he fell into a pond, releasing the Crit-Sandvich from his grasp. Soldier also kept the sandvich in a cage for a long time.