220px-Blutarch Mann 1850

Blutarch Mann, the founder and CEO of BLU, 1850.


The Mann brothers (Blutarch and Redmond) are the twin sons of Zepheniah Mann. They are the founders and chief executive officers of BLU and RED, respectively. The two sons

Redmond Mann, the founder and chief executive officer of RED, 1850.

have been engaged in a lifelong feud with each other over the control of the vast lands left to them by their father. After Zepheniah Mann's death, both Blutarch and Redmond hired teams of nine mercenaries each in order to quickly defeat the other sibling and take control of his lands. However, as their forces were evenly matched, the situation quickly devolved into a protracted stalemate, leading Blutarch and later Redmond to look to Radigan Conagher for a life-extending machine, each hoping to outlive his sibling. Radigan made the same machine for both Redmond and Blutarch, so their feud continued, even into the year 1960. The two first appeared in the Mann family portrait.